Linking Melbourne Authority wants your opinion

February 16, 2010

Linking Melbourne Authority has launched an online community survey to get information from local people about the way they travel around their area, what they value about their community and issues of importance to the west.

Community consultation is central to the development of the WestLink route and this survey is an important part of early consultation activities underway to make sure community issues are understood and considered.

The online survey is not designed to discuss specific routes or designs for the road and tunnel – that will happen later in the planning process when a series of route options are released to the community for comment in mid-2010.

The $10m two-and-a-half-year WestLink planning study will develop a route involving a tunnel connection from Port of Melbourne precinct to West Footscray and will also consider a further long-term connection to the Western Ring Road.

The survey will take around 15-20 minutes to complete online at The survey is one of the research activities being carried out for the WestLink Social Impact Assessment, a key part of independent specialist investigations for the project.

Hard copies of the survey are available and can be obtained at the Victorian Transport Plan Info Hub at 61 Irving Street Footscray or by calling Linking Melbourne Authority on 8562 6800. More info here.

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