Western Distributor Petition

February 5, 2016 1 Comment

MTAG have joined Concerned Locals of Yarraville, Friends of Stony Creek, Yarraville Community Centre and The Greens to launch a list of demands, calling on the government to put the community first when building the Western Distributor.  Please add your voice to these demands by signing the petition below.  The community is united – we want cleaner air, more green space, less trucks on our streets and healthier neighbourhoods for our children to grow up in. It’s imperative that the Western Distributor delivers the best possible outcome for all residents of Melbourne’s Inner West!







1 response to "Western Distributor Petition"

  • Denise McGregor says: (Edit)

    For those of us living near Officeworks there needs to be more consultation and taking on board of our concerns. It is not 'far away' as Transurban keep saying, it is right on top of us. I want to know specifically what our rights to compensation are when our homes and amenity are damaged.