Other Measures

MTAG has identified a range of other measures that we think would help reduce the impact of trucks on the Maribyrnong community.

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Reduce tolls on Bolte Bridge

  • Exempt trucks from night time tolls on the Bolte Bridge, with any loss in revenue to be reimbursed by the State Government. (State Government / CityLink)
  • Cap tolls on the Bolte Bridge to a daily maximum for trucks making multiple journeys along the route, with any loss in revenue to be reimbursed by the State Government. (State Government / CityLink)


Tottenham / Brooklyn distributor

  • Commit to building direct truck links from the industrial areas of Tottenham and Brooklyn to major freight routes (Western Ring Road and the West Gate Freeway). (State Government)


Footscray Bypass

  • Commit to building a truck bypass to get trucks from the Port of Melbourne to Ballarat/Geelong Road without needing to use Buckley Street and Moore Street in Footscray. (State Government)


  • Enforce curfews through allocation of appropriate resources and increased monitoring by VicRoads traffic management crews. (VicRoads)
  • Implement an education campaign, in conjunction with the VTA, to educate drivers about curfews and appropriate routes for trucks. (VicRoads / VTA)
  • Install signs at strategic locations advising of the truck curfews and recommending preferred alternative routes for trucks. (VicRoads)
  • Introduce school crossing time curfews on Francis Street between Williamstown Road and Cemetery Road. (VicRoads)
  • Extend the school crossing time curfews on Somerville Road to include the time in-between that children are in school. (VicRoads)
  • Introduce night time and weekend trucks curfews on Williamstown Road, Yarraville and Buckley Street, Footscray. (VicRoads)
  • Extend curfews to include the entire weekend on Francis Street, Somerville Road and Moore Street. (VicRoads)
  • Increase the penalty for truck drivers breaking a curfew to $563 (the same fine as for dropping a lit cigarette butt). (State Government)


curfew sign


Remove Somerville Road from designated OD routes

  • Remove Somerville Road from designated Over Dimension vehicle routes (acknowledging that Somerville Road may still be approved for use by large OD vehicles on some occasions when other suitable routes are not available). (VicRoads) IN PROGRESS


Truck control barriers on Somerville Road

  • Introduce truck control measures and barriers on Somerville Road (outstands, roundabouts, chicanes etc). (Maribyrnong City Council)

Speed limits

  • Implement 40 or 50 km/h speed zones on Buckley Street, Williamstown Road and Moore Street. (VicRoads)


Truck tracking

  • Require installation of Intelligent Access Program (IAP) telematics on all trucks to determine whether trucks are speeding or “off route”, and to enable truck curfews and bans to be enforced easily. (State Government)


Air Monitoring

  • Carry out air testing on Somerville Road near primary schools to get current data on students’ exposure to diesel related pollution. (EPA)
  • Carry out air testing in a select number of houses located on truck routes to get current data on the impact of diesel related pollution on indoor air space. (EPA)

Noise reduction

  • Enforce the noise standard for engine brakes by installing noise monitoring camera systems on key truck routes (Francis Street, Moore Street, Williamstown Road, Buckley Street). (VicRoads)
  • Undertake regular road maintenance so that poorly-maintained road surfaces and potholes do not contribute to noise from trucks. (VicRoads / Maribyrnong City Council) IN PROGRESS


Road safety

  • Implement a “Driving safely around trucks” education campaign for all road users, including practical driving tips for car drivers. (VicRoads)
  • Implement a “Sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists and cars” education campaign for truck drivers. (VTA)
  • Undertake road safety blitz targeting poor driving by maverick truck drivers (speeding, running red lights, cutting corners, breaking curfews). (Victoria Police)


cars safety


Additional red light cameras

  • Install red light cameras at key intersections, including the corner of Francis Street and Williamstown Road and the corner of Francis Street and Wembley Avenue. (VicRoads) IN PROGRESS


Air quality guidelines

  • Contribute to the development of a national framework for air quality, including introduction of compliance standards for PM2.5 as a priority and 8hr standards for diesel particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10). (EPA)
  • Review and update air quality guidelines in Victoria. (EPA)
  • Develop a National Air Pollution Prevention Act – Commonwealth legislation that establishes an effective framework for air pollution laws. (Federal Government)


Location of container yards

  • Undertake a freight and land use study to explore the strategic resettlement of container yards to locations better served by suitable roads. (Maribyrnong City Council)


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Freight efficiencies

  • Work with industry to achieve freight efficiencies, including moving more freight on freeways at night. (Port of Melbourne)
  • Streamline port logistics. (Port of Melbourne)


Freight onto rail

  • Establish metropolitan intermodal terminals and the Western Interstate Freight Terminal and move more freight onto rail. (State Government)
  • Ensure stevedoring costs for rail are not higher than road. (State Government)


Public transport

  • Improve public transport in Melbourne’s west to get cars off freeways and provide more capacity for trucks. (State Government)


Greening the West

  • Target greening of rail and truck transport corridors in the municipality as a priority to help absorb and reduce diesel particulate pollution. (Maribyrnong City Council)


Greening the port

  • Implement environmental initiatives at the Port of Melbourne similar to the Port of Long Beach in Los Angeles who recently won Best Green Seaport. This could include banning older more polluting trucks from the port. (Port of Melbourne)