Yarraville and Footscray Residents Perception Survey

As you may be aware, the State Government is at this time commissioning an extensive study – The Eddington East-West Needs Assessment – into the future of transport and freight in Melbourne, and one of its terms of reference is looking at heavy transport issues in the inner west.The public are invited to put forward submissions as part of this process before the end of May. MTAG are currently putting together a submission. We believe the results of this Residents Truck Impact Study will provide us with vital information about how the community of Maribyrnong feel about living in an area which contains major freight routes.
The importance of this survey cannot be underestimated; with the planned expansion of the Port of Melbourne the Bracks Government has predicted there will be a doubling of the number of trucks on our roads in the next 10 years.
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12 responses to "Yarraville and Footscray Residents Perception Survey"

  • Andrew Clifton says: (Edit)

    The increase of shipping into the Port of Melbourne will increase truck traffic to intolerable levels. The money to be spent on infrastructure from channel deepening to through enlarged dock facilities and bridges would be far better spent in the development of Hasting deep-water facility and enlargement of the Dandenong hub along with a new airport in the South-East. Further, the EPA's power to control air pollution is too weak to ensure protection of residents from anticipated levels of poisonous emissions. Even now, there are too many ill-tuned trucks on the roads and the EPA's effectiveness must be strengthened.

  • belinda markham says: (Edit)

    With the increase of trucks the council is viable for cracks in our homes which is from the truck loads and the heavyness of the load as they speed down residental streets.

  • alan lane says: (Edit)

    I am a resident of Yarraville and every morning on the way to the city I have to run the gauntlet of those trucks bearing down on my small Lotus Sports Car they drive inches away from my car and think its funny and have forced me to speed up to avoid them and into the waiting Camera Car that lurks deceptively in Francis Street of a morning.. Please get them off my back I will support any move you make.. Cheers AL

  • Peter says: (Edit)

    Great Al we'll keep you posted. There's plenty coming up that we will need your support for, in the meantime letters to the newspapers and to politicians are invaluable Cheers Peter Knight

  • brian says: (Edit)

    You'd be pretty quick to complain if coles or safeway ran out of stock for your everyday needs, it never ceases to amaze me the narrow mindedness of some people, do you want gliders to carry around your, yes YOUR freight?

  • Peter says: (Edit)

    Nobody is asking for a ban on trucks with business in the area such as trucks delivering goods to the supermarkets, it's the through-trucks that we want banned. The trucks using our streets as a shortcut to the port make up about 40% of traffic through the inner west. It's you who is narrow minded, you people never listen, you never read what we're saying, if you did you wouldn't try to run this argument. Worse, you never try to imagine what it's like to live with 8,000 trucks a day going past your house like those living in Francis St have to. Your response is just knee jerk and reactive and BORING!

  • Belter says: (Edit)

    What street do you live in Brian? I will send all the trucks up your street on their way to SA....

  • Richard Bayles says: (Edit)

    Why haven't I heard of this survey? This should be mailed to all residents. Just for fun, visit the New England Journal of Medicine website and use the search term "pollution".

  • Richard Bayles says: (Edit)

    Oops sorry, didn't realise how old the survey was. Just go with the NEJM bit.

  • brian says: (Edit)

    Belter, I live on Bena St, with my back garden backing onto williamstown road. and my front door spitting distance from francis st. I also happen to drive a semi, and deliver to SA regularly.

  • brian says: (Edit)

    Peter. I take offence when you call me narrowminded, this is how truckies are seeing your protest, Francis st happens to be "docklands highway", you already have a curfew in place which from what I can see, I get to break the curfew being a local truck, and the only other trucks I see there are the cootes and toll tankers which unfortunately run all night, as I said above, my back yard backs onto willie road and I hear these trucks all night, but I just accept that theyre a part of life and get on with it. As for the Diesel Is Evil tagline you've been running with, take a look at the figures for the newer EGR and Euro 4 emission regulated engines, I realise they wont be in the older trucks, but as time goes on, and operators upgrade, all the trucks that go up and down francis st will eventually be a lot cleaner and eco friendly. I'm not going to stereotype everybody here but this whole thing to me comes across as yuppies who saw a good bargain in yarraville not so long ago, came over here and made the place nice and trendy and watched the value of their homes skyrocket and now they want to make the place suit themselves rather than adapting to their "new" environment. On the other hand I would readily admit there would be people who have lived here their whole lives and have just had enough of it, but hey, youll get a good price for your house now...

  • Lilly says: (Edit)

    Thanks to the trucks, my house has 4cm cracks from the windowcill to the ground. The constant roar or trucks drives me insane. I couldn't bare to think about all of the fumes and toxins we're breathing in. Yarraville could do without trucks!