Mega-trucks plan

August 28, 2008 1 Comment

Massive B-triple trucks eight times the length of a family car would be allowed to run on CityLink and many other main commuter routes, under a secret Department of Transport plan leaked to the State Opposition.

The leaked document shows the routes B-triples (prime movers towing three trailers that can weigh up to 82 tonnes and are up to 36 metres long) would take through Melbourne, and around Victoria.Along with freeways the proposed truck routes for these B-triples include Geelong Road, Ballarat Road Footscray Park and Flemington Park, then through Kensington and down through City Link to the Port.

Read the article online at The Age.

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1 response to "Mega-trucks plan"

  • philip lethlean says: (Edit)

    In March 2008 I was parked in the service lane by the Hume highway near Euroa when a B -double slammed into me at full speed . He rolled , my car was totalled and miraculously I survived . I have spectacular photos as the press were there. B-doubles are difficult to controll , B-tripples will be a catastrophe. The saftey argument does not have a leg . It all boils down to a stressed truck driver who only has to make one mistake. The roads and car drivers can't cope with B-tripples. I will do whatever it takes to stop the madness