Eddington Truck Action Plan Westgate Freeway on/off ramps

September 15, 2008 1 Comment

The proposal

Construction of a new truck link to be built from the Westgate Freeway providing direct access to Hyde Street and onto the Port of Melbourne.The link would consist of two dual lane ramps for traffic travelling in both an easterly and westerly direction.

Why are the ramps needed?

Currently the only routes for trucks exiting the Westgate Freeway in Yarraville, travelling to the port of Melbourne, are through residential streets. Francis St, Somerville Rd and Williamstown Rd experience over 10,000 truck movements per day. These roads are residential with hundreds of houses, schools, childcare facilities and aged care homes along them. The ramps would also mean that Buckley Street in Footscray would no longer be needed as a truck route. *see Community Activity map Eddington Truck Action Plan Westgate Freeway on/off ramps

What benefits will the ramps bring?

The ramps would provide a dedicated route for trucks exiting the Westgate Freeway travelling to the Port of Melbourne and the Whitehall Street industrial zone. These ramps would remove thousands of trucks every day from residential communities. Importantly the ramps would provide a quicker and safer route for port related trucks away from contentious residential communities.

What impact do trucks have on residential areas?

Diesel powered trucks are responsible for a cocktail of pollutants. The EPA tested the air on Francis Street and found the levels of particle pollution to be above the Victorian Government intervention levels.1 The EPA says “there is no known safe level of exposure to diesel emissions”.2 Every day the trucks are passing right by schools, childcare centres, ages care facilities and thousands of homes. As well as the pollution threats the trucks affect the amenity of residential areas causing noise, a safety risk to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

Will the new ramps just move the problem elsewhere?

No, the ramps will provide a new route through existing industrial areas. No route is totally away from residential areas but the proposed route will greatly improve the amenity for thousands of residents and school children. *see Existing and Proposed Freight Routes map.

What benefits will the new ramps offer the freight industry?

The new ramps will provide a quicker and safer route for truck drivers with less car traffic and less traffic lights leading to savings in fuel and time. The new ramps will provide a route that will benefit the growing Port while appeasing community unrest that has been growing for years.

Will trucks just continue to use the existing routes?

The Eddington Truck Action Plan calls for truck bans on local streets to ensure that trucks use the new routes ensuring that freight bypasses residential areas. The benefits of the new ramps and truck route will more than compensate for the loss of access to the current routes.

1. Victorian EPA Publication #896 2. Victorian EPA Publication #849

Where can I get more information on the proposal?

Download our printable pdf of our proposal

Eddington’s East West Link Needs Assessment final report can be found online at the
Department of Transports web site:

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