Truck curfew cameras unreliable

CAMERAS that are supposed to help catch truck drivers who keep inner West residents awake by flouting curfews have been riddled with problems, documents show.A VicRoads internal office memo – obtained under Freedom of Information by the Maribyrnong Truck Action Group (MTAG) – shows curfew cameras along Francis St, Yarraville, couldn’t be relied on in 2007 to prosecute offending truckies because they couldn’t clearly identify number plates.
It’s also been revealed VicRoads inspected the cameras in January and found they weren’t working at all.

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2 responses to "Truck curfew cameras unreliable"

  • Preceptor says: (Edit)

    This is starting to sound like something out of the Underbelly series. I can't believe that an organisation like Vic Roads, who is very efficient at recording driver infringements and issuing fines, can be so incompetent in enforcing the Francis Street cufew. I also can't believe that the cash strapped state government would allow such a lucrative source of revenue to sliip through their fingers. However, we should give them the benifit of doubt and accept that this is just a matter of gross incompetence on the part of Vic Roads and the state government. I think the responsibility now rests with us to assist in this matter. Would anyone be interested in recording the cufew breakers?

  • Bill says: (Edit)

    Hi Preceptor We have been dobbing in curfew breakers and it is having an effect There is a revamped form for reporting on this site today In particular we are focussing on trucks carrying the Chalmers logo Thanks for your help