Six lane freeway tunnel under Footscray

According to The Age today,

WESTLINK, a proposed six-lane freeway under Footscray and through Sunshine West, is Victoria’s ”number one priority project” for federal funding, according to a Brumby government submission on the road’s likely impacts.Quietly lodged last month with the Rudd government as a requirement of federal environment laws, the submission shows the state government is poised to use controversial new planning laws to get the $5.3 billion freeway approved.

The WestLink freeway would run above ground for eight kilometres, from Sunshine West to West Footscray, then dive underground at the corner of Sunshine and Geelong roads. It would surface two kilometres later in West Melbourne.

Read the full article online at The Age.

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6 responses to "Six lane freeway tunnel under Footscray"

  • Bill says: (Edit)

    Absolute disaster for the inner west. They are going to bring the tunnel out right in the middle of our city cutting it in half. If you look at the projections for the traffic levels this is likely to carry we have every right to be fearful.

  • Bruce says: (Edit)

    The Westgate Bridge has reached capacity! Additional road access to the City for residents in the greater West is a must. A tunnel is absolute essential.

  • Bill says: (Edit)

    Rubbish Bruce... you're just towing the Labor line And if a tunnel's so damn essential, so important, then they should do it properly and bring it out much further west, not bang in the middle of our city. But they won't do that because the west is so safe Labor. The plan so far is typical of this government... half arse, badly thought out and politically expedient. BAD for the west

  • Bruce says: (Edit)

    Bill, Please keep politics out of the discussion and look at the project objectively. The route for a tunnel has not yet been finalised!! Concept plans are being developed and will be available for public comment shortly.

  • Bill says: (Edit)

    Bruce, why would I keep politics out of this...? It's all about politics. And you're a paid up member of the Labor party (hardly unbiased). They say the route has not been finalised but what has been ruled out according to Marsha Thomson is extending any further west than West Footscray. What a sharp contrast with Eastern Melbourne where they spend billions to run a tunnel under Mullum Creek to appease voters in marginal seats. It's all about politics Bruce.

  • Dave says: (Edit)

    I hardly comprehend the detail of the 'concept' planning undertaken by the Brumby Government to date to even seriously consider any of the public views or comments on the plan. There is absolutely no doubt that this Labor Government smacks of the same arrogance as portrayed by the Kennett Government prior to it's departure from State politics with their total disregard for public opinion. The one thing which really gets me on the whole proposal is the amount of planning which has gone into it and how I, who is directly affected by all of this, knows so little about the project outside of what is reported in the media and the thought that the decision on the tunnel has effectively already been made! What also bemuses me is as to how the Government just doesn't realise that the only thing the tunnel will do is push the traffic bottleneck further up the road towards to the city!