Truck Rolls onto Footpath on Moore Street

June 22, 2012

Last night I was walking home from work along Moore Street when I arrived only minutes after a container trucked rolled at the pedestrian crossing at Ballarat Road.The container truck carrying a 40 foot container rolled on its side landing on the footpath of Moore Street and across the pedestrian crossing at the intersection when turning from Ballarat Rd. The incident occurred because the drive was trying to avoid a car that was making the same turn at the same time on his inside. The intersection has two turning lanes, but is not designed for trucks of this size, they require both lanes to complete the turn safely.

When the truck rolled, it collided with a power pole bringing down live lines over the truck and the road. The driver was trapped in the cabin for some time as live wires sparked around the truck. Once the area was made safe by emergency services the driver was freed from the truck uninjured but shaken.

When I spoke with him he said that he did not like having to drive these size trucks on residential streets, but this route ( Moore Street) is what VicRoads advise they use. Another driver at the incident said they would prefer to use the toll roads but can’t afford to pay the $25 a day pass, ( approx $750 per month). Other drivers at the scene said it was only a matter of time before someone is serious injured or killed. Especially considering that there is no industry on Moore Street, it is all residential. With over 4000 trucks movements a day its only a matter of time before there is a fatality. Trucks of this size should not be on residential streets.

Scott Adams: Less Trucks for Moore

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