MTAG – Why A Bridge Blockade on Tuesday?

March 17, 2013 2 Comments

Have you been wondering why MTAG has chosen to blockade Shepherd’s Bridge this Tuesday morning?

Here’s why:

MTAG-why blockade a bridge

MTAG-why blockade a bridge


Enough is Enough – Build the Truck Bypass Now

Good for Truckies | Good for Industry | Good for Residents


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2 responses to "MTAG - Why A Bridge Blockade on Tuesday?"

  • Peter says: (Edit) Thanks for your interest

  • ABC says: (Edit)

    Thanks for making my travel to work this morning very stressful!!! We live in the area and knew that it was occupied by business and was a truck route. Though I support some aspects of your argument your timing is terrible and has made my travel to work most stressful and I was late for work... WELL DONE.