Labor announces new policy with commitment to the Truck Bypass!

November 19, 2013 6 Comments

The Victorian Labor Party has today announced a new policy Project 10,000 which renews its commitment to building a truck bypass.

Now called the West Gate Distributor, this project would see the construction of new ramps from the West Gate Freeway and upgrades to Hyde Street, Whitehall Street and Shepherds Bridge.This new route through industrial areas will remove thousands of trucks from residential streets every day, delivering cleaner air and safer streets for thousands of inner west residents.

MTAG has been campaigning for years for a truck bypass and this plan has broad support in the community. It will also be a win for truck drivers, delivering freight efficiencies for truckies and the transport industry, saving them time and fuel costs travelling to and from the port. These improvements will benefit all of Melbourne.

The Baillieu/Napthine government has failed us miserably on the truck issue with no solutions other than the promise that the East West tunnel linking Hoddle Street and Citylink will be “the best thing ever for the west.” We know this tunnel will not remove one truck from our streets in the inner west. Labor is to be commended for hearing our voices and committing to this solution.

More information about the project is to be found here on page 30:

MTAG was interviewed on ABC’s Jon Faine program this morning following the opposition leader Daniel Andrews. We will post a link when it becomes available.

6 responses to "Labor announces new policy with commitment to the Truck Bypass!"

  • Stuart says: (Edit)

    Oh my god. The ramps look worse than I could have ever imagined. So much for MTAGs line the ramps will be 'under the shadow of the bridge' and not built over parkland. Here is hoping they are never built and a better solution is found.

  • Peter says: (Edit)

    Worth noting that this animation does not reflect the VicRoads plans already drawn up that we have seen. The configuration favoured does indeed hug the shadow of the bridge. This animation does not appear to reflect the actual plans and must be a rough approximation.

  • Stuart says: (Edit)

    No guarantees that what is shown here is what could get built.

  • Stu says: (Edit)

    Great to something happening for the west . One thing to note though is that we already have a toll road out of the port in City Link via the bolte .Trucks now dont use it to get to container yards but rat run along Moore,Somerville & Francis Street into the inner West.Without any changes in curfews or road configuration to prevent this it won't change .The addition of added pressure from the Bradmil development and more cars being funneled into the west may make the current issues of the inner west worse rather than better. Again great to see something back on the table but it needs more measures put in place for it to really work.

  • Peter says: (Edit)

    Totally agree, this measure must be accompanied by through-truck bans on residential streets. Nothing is simple but it is definitely a step in the right direction

  • Daniel says: (Edit)

    Do you know if trucks coming from the South will be able to access the ramps?! Also it looks like the ramps only allow trucks to head west how will trucks be able to head east over the bridge? does this mean they would still need to use Williamstown road to access the bridge?