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Accident at Napier St Bridge

March 9, 2017

On Monday 5th March a serious accident occurred at Footscray’s Napier St Bridge, incredibly only two weeks after new beams were installed as a so called ‘safety measure’.   A truck hit the beam, causing the container to fall off behind the truck, in peak hour traffic, colliding with the car behind. Luckily all 3
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2016 Wrap Up

December 18, 2016

Sadly 2016 hasn’t been a great year for us. The first slap in the face was the dumping of the Port Rail Shuttle project in a deal to privatise the Port of Melbourne.  This would have taken 3500 trucks a day off our streets and be complete within 18 months.  It was one of the
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Childcare centre approved for most polluted intersection in Melbourne

December 15, 2016 2 Comments

VCAT has made the outrageous decision to approve a child care centre at the corner of Williamstown Road and Francis Street.  This intersection is arguably the most polluted in Melbourne and completely inappropriate for a child care centre! Children are highly susceptible to the health impacts of air pollution as they spend more time outdoors and are more active.
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MTAG presents at the Inquiry into the Proposed Lease of the Port of Melbourne

October 15, 2015

  In late September MTAG’s Martin Wurt and Narelle Wilson gave evidence at the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Proposed Lease of the Port of Melbourne.  Unfortunately there were some fairly major technical issues with the video and PowerPoint presentation. Despite this and some tricky questions from the committee, MTAG managed to clearly convey the severity
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