Relevant Stories


The links below are to media stories on issues related to MTAG’s campaign such as air pollution and what’s being done around the world to reduce truck, port and diesel emissions.


July 18 – Transport operators out of step with emissions targets – The Age

July 1 – Brisbane’s ‘safe’ levels of pollution still raise death risk, research finds – Brisbane Times

June 24 – California Accelerates Clean Transportation Policy, Targeting 500,000 Electric Trucks By 2040 – Forbes

June 24 – Saffioti gives Perth Mayors reason to hope on port fleet – ATN

June – Calls for tax and parking restrictions on polluting cars and trucks – The Age

May 5 – New EPA powers delayed by a year in coronavirus ‘omnibus’ bill – The Age

April 25 – Truck licensing shake-up looms after spike in crashes – The Age

April 12 – Freight industry running out of storage space due to COVID-19 – The Age

March 17 – Air pollution likely to increase coronavirus death rate, warn experts – The Guardian

February 12 – In a world-first, India’s dozen major ports now run fully on renewable energy – The Hindu Business Line

February 4 – Petrol and diesel car sales ban brought forward to 2035 – BBC News

January 28 – ‘No safe level’: Study links PM2.5 pollution to increased risk of cardiac arrest – The Age


6 December – Cutting air pollution ‘can prevent deaths within weeks – The Guardian

28 November – Impact of air pollution on health may be far worse than thought, study suggests – The Guardian

13 November – Air pollution nanoparticles linked to brain cancer for first time – The Guardian

29 October – Bristol will ban all diesel vehicles from city under new proposal – The Telegraph

21 October – Air pollution reduced by a third in London’s ULEZ – Edie

22 October – Pupils should avoid busy roads to reduce pollution exposure, study claims – ITV

30 September – Curbing diesel emission could reduce big city mortality rate – Science Daily

18 September – Air pollution particles found on foetal side of placentas – study – The Guardian

5 September – Toyota diesel emissions expose broader problem with car pollution in Australia – ABC News

21 August – Air pollution can kill, even when it meets air quality guidelines, study finds – CNN

21 August – Salta boosts container handling at Altona site – The Age

15 July – Hefty Fuels Savings Prompt Fleets to Replace Big Trucks –

17 May – Revealed: air pollution may be damaging ‘every organ in the body – The Guardian

3 May – Amsterdam to ban petrol and diesel cars and motorbikes by 2030 – The Guardian

29 April – Dirty air wreaks harm long before birth – Environmental Health News

26 April – ‘You do think: why me?’ The shocking rise of lung cancer in non-smokers – The Guardian

19 April – How Can We Get More Electric Trucks on the Road? – Union of Concerned Scientists

8 April – ULEZ: How does London’s new emissions zone compare? – BBC News

6 April -London’s new charge on polluting vehicles – here’s everything you need to know – The Conversation

5 April – Singapore doubles down on transitioning away from diesel – BreatheLive 2030 – BreatheLife

2 April – NRMA calls for ban on sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 – ABC News

12 March – Air pollution deaths are double previous estimates, finds research – The Guardian

17 March – Deadly air in our cities: the invisible killer – The Guardian

8 March – Singapore doubles down on transitioning away from diesel – Breathe Life

8 March – Diesel trucks would be nearly eliminated in California under proposed law – San Francisco Chronicle

7 March – Diesel Fumes Risk Call Spurs Legal Warning – Fully Loaded

31 January – The other (deadlier) road toll: car pollution – The Sydney Morning Herald

30 January – Growing up in dirty air ‘quadruples chances of developing depression’ – The Guardian


19 November – Expectations of Trucking Rise Amid Changing Climate – Transport Topics

18 November – Air pollution levels ‘forcing families to move out of cities’ – The Guardian

15 November – Diesel pollution stunts children’s lung growth, major study shows – The Guardian

14 November – Cities Around Paris Strike a Rare Agreement to Ban Diesel Cars – City Lab

8 November – Living on a noisy street is harming your health: World Health Organisation – Domain

5 November – Childhood obesity linked to air pollution from vehicles – The Guardian

30 October – Air pollution kills 600,000 children every year, World Health Organisation says – ABC News

29 October – 90% of world’s children are breathing toxic air, WHO study finds – The Guardian

29 October – 93% of world’s children breathing toxic air which ‘stunts brains’ and causes deadly disease, WHO warns – Independent

19 September – Air pollution linked to much greater risk of dementia – The Guardian

19 October – BNSF and GE to test battery freight loco – Railway Gazette

16 September – First evidence of soot air pollution reaching the placenta found in London mothers, new study says – Independent

11 September – Air pollution is ‘biggest environmental health risk’ in Europe – The Guardian

30 August – Diesel emissions down at Port of Oakland, but health risks still high – San Francisco Chronicle

28 August – Air pollution causing major reduction in intelligence, study suggests – Independent

28 August – Air pollution is making us dumber, study shows – CNN

22 August – Air Pollution Is Shortening Your Life. Here’s How Much – The New York Times

22 August – Air pollution is shaving a year off our average life expectancy – Science News

8 August – Air pollution is a lethal blight that shames our politicians – The Guardian

3 August – Air pollution linked to changes in heart structure – The Guardian

5 July – A Frightening New Reason to Worry About Air Pollution – The Atlantic

15 June – Milan’s New Diesel Ban To Cause Ripple Effect – Clean Technica

24 May – Hamburg becomes first German city to ban older diesel cars – The Guardian

23 May – Germany’s second biggest city is starting to ban diesel cars – CNN

12 May – Noise exposure is becoming ‘the new secondhand smoke’ – The Washington Post

11 April – Linfox looks to flick switch on electric propulsion – Fully Loaded

13 April – Hamburg To Ban Diesel Vehicles – npr

21 March – Moss-covered CityTree bench designed to combat urban pollution – Dezeen

19 March – ‘Big is better’: Huge trucks on Eastern Freeway, EastLink and North East Link within a decade – The Age

18 March – Moss covered CityTree bench designed to combat urban pollution – dezeen

8 March – EPA fails to properly measure air pollution – The Age

28 February – Monument-filled, traffic-clogged Rome to ban diesel cars by 2024 – Reuters

17 February – Tunnel ventilation stacks to be subject to tighter reviews – Sydney Morning Herald

8 February – Kenworth Preps Hydrogen-Electric T680 for Drayage at SoCal Ports – Transport Topics

17 January – Australia needs a road safety revolution to stop people dying in truck crashes – Sydney Morning Herald

10 January – Homeowners promised compensation for damage from West Gate Tunnel construction – The Age

2 January – Exposure to fine particulate pollution linked to increase in early births: study – Sydney Morning Herald


6 December – Babies’ brains damaged by pollution, Unicef says – BBC News

23 November – Tesla’s Semi already making waves at LA, Long Beach port complex — 2 years before its release – Daily Breeze

20 November – Research reveals diesel exhaust dirtier, more damaging to health than previously thought – Air Quality Matters

7 November – A bridge too far: warning bigger ships won’t be able to reach Port of Melbourne – The Age

1 November – Air Pollution Has Now Been Linked To More Cancers Around The Body – Huffington Post

23 October – Call for vehicle testing overhaul as Australia’s emissions fight moves to roads – The Guardian

23 October – World Pollutionwatch: evidence grows of lifelong harm from polluted air – The Guardian

16 October – Maribyrnong Council touts blanket 40 km/h speed limit – Star Weekly

12 October – VW plans large $1.7 billion investment to bring electric trucks and buses to market – Electrek

26 October – Why the Tesla truck will turn freight industry upside down – Renew Economy

11 September – This electric highway powers trucks without recharging – Fast Company

28 August – Air pollution ‘nearly as bad’ for baby as smoking during pregnancy – Sunday Herald

12 August – Air pollution to blame for soaring numbers of non-smokers who develop lung cancer – Evening Standard

8 August – L.A. to make sure air filters are being installed in homes near freeways – LA Times

7 August – Diesel has to die – there is no reverse gear on this – The Guardian

19 July – Plan calls for L.A., Long Beach ports to go to zero-emissions technology; cost could hit $14 billion – LA Times

5 July – Truck Companies That Don’t Develop Electric Vehicles Will Get Left Behind –

3 July – Air pollution is A LOT worse for your life expectancy than experts originally thought – Mirror

28 June – Even ‘Safe’ Pollution Levels Can Be Deadly – NY Times

28 June – Air pollution exposure may hasten death, even at levels deemed ‘safe,’ study says – LA Times

28 June – Electric trucks and vans cut pollution faster than cars – BBC News

25 June – Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040 – The Guardian

22 June – Air pollution tied to survival odds for liver cancer patients – Reuters

16 June – Munich to ban diesel following court order – Client Earth

7 June – Paris pollution victim sues France for bad air – BBC News

4 June – Fumes from diesel engines slow down children’s brains, new research shows – Daily Mail

26 May – Air pollution is significantly weakening our hearts, major new study finds – Independent

23 May – Revealed: Diesel fumes are proven for the first time to cause coughing and shortness of breath – Daily Mail

22 May – Air pollution linked to poor sleep, study finds – The Guardian

19 May – Dirty diesel: why ships are the worst offenders – The Guardian

18 May – Unshackled, big auto will keep choking the world on diesel fumes – New Scientist

18 May – Andrews government told to go west and build Melbourne’s next port – in 2055 – The Age

17 May – Emissions Report Pushes for Euro VI Standards – Fully Loaded

16 May – Madrid’s diesel ban panics carmakers, shifts pollution problem – DW

15 May – Diesel fumes lead to thousands more deaths than thought – New Scientist

8 May – Pollution ‘sparks 10% rise in cancer cases’: Fumes thought to be responsible for nearly 30,000 diagnoses in Britain – The Daily Mail

5 May – Diesel ban? Clean Air Zone expansion could see diesel cars charged to enter UK cities – Auto Express

3 May – Air pollution, Europe’s largest environmental health hazard – EU Observer

1 May – Musk says Tesla Semi will Outmode Diesel Truck – ATN

26 April – Dr Karl: The real costs of air pollution – ABC News

26 April – Pollution nanoparticles may enter your blood and cause disease – New Scientist

26 April – Air pollution: ‘Heart disease link found’ – BBC News

21 April – Toyota Announces Kenworth-Based Hydrogen Truck – ATN

20 April – Zero emissions truck manufacturers working to run dirty diesel off the road – Moving Forward Network

19 April – Got A Runny Nose All The Time? Air Pollution Could Be The Cause – Huffington Post

17 April – Air pollution as bad for wellbeing as partner’s death, say researchers – The Guardian

13 April – The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos? – The Guardian

13 April – Tesla will unveil electric lorry in September – BBC News

11 April – New evidence links particulate matter air pollution to breast cancer – Moving Forward Network

10 April – Yes, we’re letting diesel cars choke our kids. Here’s how we got in this mess – The Guardian

5 April – Evidence mounting that air pollution is a growing health risk – The North West Star

4 April – The End Of Diesel Will Happen Faster Than We Expected – Jalopink

2 April – Fox at war over CityLink toll increases – Herald Sun

29 March – Air pollution exposure may increase risk of dementia – Moving Forward Network 

27 March – Testing hybrid trucks in Sweden – American Journal of Transportation

22 March – Police blitz nabs ‘alarming’ number of truck drivers under influence of drugs – The Age

22 March – Truck drivers test positive to drugs during police road safety blitz – Leader

21 March – Sideguards for Metro tunnel trucks in bid to save cyclists’ lives – The Age

16 March – Port of Melbourne expansion could spark war with residents, experts warn – The Age

15 March – Port Rail Shuttle: the Continuing Case for Action! – Habitat Trust

9 March – Here comes the pollution pram – BBC News

6 March – WHO chief: Air pollution link to 600,000 deaths in children – BBC News

5 March – What does air pollution do to our bodies? – BBC News

3 March – Air pollution leads to more drug resistant bacteria, study finds – The Guardian

1 March – Diesel ban in Germany one step closer after court decision – Client Earth

25 February – Revealed: thousands of children at London schools breathe toxic air – The Guardian

23 February – Port of Oakland: Big-rig smog checks reflect change in trucking industry – The Mercury News

23 February – Air pollution affects preterm birthrates globally, study finds – Washington Post

20 February – London’s air was the ‘silent killer’ of my daughter, claims mother – Evening Standard

19 February – A push for diesel leaves London gasping amid record air pollution – Sydney Morning Herald

19 February – Dirty diesel ‘doubles risk of dementia’ – The Sunday Times

17 February – Across the country, in big cities and small towns, kids attend schools so close to busy roads that traffic exhaust poses a health risk – The Center for Public Integrity

17 February – Linfox looks to suburban streets to avoid CityLink’s truck toll – Herald Sun

17 February – Businesses furious at new truck tolls – 3AW

14 February – Port officials weigh options to clean the air: Natural gas or electric? – Los Angeles Daily News

7 February – Transurban grows confident on Western Distributor – The Age

6 February – Consumers will pay more when CityLink truck tolls soar on April 1, industry warns – The Age

1 February – Viewpoint: The trouble with diesel – BBC News

31 January – Air pollution may lead to dementia in older women – University of Southern California

26 January – Evidence builds that dirty air causes Alzheimer’s, dementia – ScienceMag

24 January – This Is What Air Pollution Is Doing To Your Body – Huffington Post

19 January – Australia needs stricter rules to curb air pollution, but there’s a lot we could all do now – The Conversation

17 January – Victorian EPA to be overhauled almost three years after Hazelwood coal mine fire – ABC News

17 January – Environment Protection Authority to be overhauled in move to crack down on polluters – The Age

16 January – Diesel cars to be banned from Oslo city centre – Financial Times

12 January – Australia’s love affair with diesel engines comes with a deadly legacy –

9 January – London air pollution kills about 10,000 people annually – ABC News

5 January – Living near heavy traffic increases risk of dementia, say scientists – The Guardian

5 January – Dementia rates ‘higher near busy roads’ – BBC News

5 January – Living near busy roads increases dementia risk: Lancet study – The Age

2 January – Health experts slam Turnbull government’s air pollution proposals – The Age

January – Is Your Noisy Neighbourhood Slowly Killing You? – Mother Jones


27 December – Clean air zones: the story so far – Freight in the City

18 December – Your diesel car may be more poisonous than first thought – The New Daily

18 December – The dangers of diesel exhaust – Safety and Health

16 December – ‘Negligent’ Government could be sued by Londoners over capital’s toxic air – Evening Standard

15 December – Breathe less … or ban cars: cities have radically different responses to pollution – The Guardian

14 December – Take a deep breath – here’s what 2016 revealed about the deadly dangers of air pollution – The Conversation

14 December – Why Are Doctors Speaking Up Against Diesel? – Huffington Post

9 December – Diesel cars face total ban in four of the world’s biggest cities by 2025 – ITV

9 December – Air pollution impairs function of blood vessels in lungs – Science Daily

6 December – New childcare centre approved on Yarraville petrol station site – Star Weekly

6 December – Street lamps light the way for air pollution monitoring and smoke detection – The Age

2 December – Four major cities move to ban diesel vehicles by 2025 – BBC

28 November – Diesel exhaust fumes give children asthma – Environmental Transport Association

27 November – Traffic fumes give asthma to children – The Times

24 November – Diesel pollution blamed for 12,000 early deaths a year – The Times

11 November – Rail vital for new Melbourne container terminal, says industry group leader – Rail Page

21 October – London Is Going to Ban the Deadliest Trucks From Its Streets – Streets Blog USA

28 October – Port Of Oakland Touts Reduction Of Diesel Emissions – CBS SF Bay Area

26 October – Air pollution damages arteries of even healthy young adults, new study shows – Independent 

25 October – Air Pollution’s Toll on Heart May Begin Early – New York Times

21 October – London Is Going to Ban the Deadliest Trucks From Its Streets – StreetsBlog USA

October – Cleaner Safe Air Needs You! – Pursuit

October – PM2.5 Exposure and Intrauterine Inflammation: A Possible Mechanism for Preterm and Underweight Birth – Environmental Health Perspectives

6 September – Toxic air pollution particles found in human brains – The Guardian

6 September – Air pollution particles found inside human brains – CNN

6 September – Researchers believe there is a link to air pollution and development of Alzheimer’s disease – i24 News

5 September – Could air pollution cause brain damage? – BBC News

29 August – Roads deal threatens Melbourne’s live – The Age

28 August – Revealed: What really causes you to snore and feel sleepy during the day – Mirror

24 August – Air pollution threat hidden as research ‘presumes people are at home’: study – The Guardian

21 August – The eco guide to air pollution – The Guardian

9 August – New Study Examines Effect of Air Pollution on Those With Early Stage Lung Cancer – Cure

3 August – Seoul to limit old diesel vehicles to fight air pollution – Reuters

1 August – Diesel Is On The Rise, And So Are The Health Risks – Gizmodo

July – Air pollution in perspective: Health risks of air pollution expressed in equivalent numbers of passively smoked cigarettes – Science Direct

29 July – City of London to stop buying diesel vehicles in boost for pollution battle – Evening Standard

25 July – Long Beach port gives $46 million to community to battle pollution, environmental damage – Los Angeles Daily News

19 July – Warning not to let Transurban toll road crowd out tram plan for west – The Age

15 July – Air pollution causes wrinkles and premature ageing, new research shows – The Guardian

5 July – Cotton Mills business owners in a spin over plan to build tollway next door – The Age

1 July – Sweden opens its first electric road, to help power heavy transport – Renew Economy

27 June – IEA Warns Air Pollution to Kill Millions More If Policies Don’t Change – The Saturday Paper

24 June – Hobsons Bay and Maribyrnong at odds over Western Distributor flyover ramps – Star Weekly

13 June – Air pollution linked to increased mental illness in children – The Guardian

12 June – Air pollution now a leading risk factor for stroke, global research finds – The Age

10 June – Air pollution now major contributor to stroke, global study finds – EurActiv

10 June – Urgent action needed to stop terrifying rise in air pollution, warns OECD – The Guardian

9 June – Air pollution may just be ruining your skin – Recombu

9 June – Air pollution to blame for a THIRD of strokes worldwide, say experts – Mirror

6 June – Gov’t targets diesel to decrease PM emissions – Korea Joongang Daily

31 May – Exposure to air pollutants linked to high blood pressure – American Heart Association News

25 May – Councils slam lack of Distributor detail – Star Weekly

24 May – Traffic-related air pollution exposure is associated with allergic sensitization, asthma, and poor lung function in middle age – Science Direct

24 May – NGT bans diesel vehicle registration in Kerala – livemint

24 May – Scientists Just Discovered Exactly What Air Pollution Does To Your Arteries – Climate Progress

19 May – Spotswood kinder fears Western Distributor will send trucks too close – Herald Sun

18 May – Why air pollution in schools is such a big deal – and what to do about it – The Conversation

17 May -Surprise! The air Near Major Ports is bad for Kids – Newsweek

18 May – Council conditionally backs Western Distributor – Star Weekly

16 May – Lawmakers pressure Port Authority to cut back on pollution – PIX11

12 May – This Is What Air Pollution Is Doing To Your Body – Huffington Post

12 May – Children in buggies ‘on front line’ of London pollution health risks – Evening Standard

12 May – Global Air Pollution Is on the Rise Despite Decades of Efforts to Stop It – Time

11 May – Air Pollution Linked To Other Cancers, Not Just Lung – Asian Scientist

6 May – Superfund sites make headlines but diesel exhaust is a real killer – Newsworks

1 May – Diesel fumes increase risk of numerous cancers, research warns – The Herald

29 April – Exposure to particulate air pollutants associated with numerous cancers – Birmingham University

28 April – Mild Air Pollution of Concern in Pregnancy – MedlinePlus

28 April – 1,000 Londoners killed in four months by the capital’s toxic air – Evening Standard

19 April – Air pollution will kill 200,000 people in the UK in the next five years – Mirror

18 April – More than 1,000 diesel cars caught without pollution filter, figures show – The Guardian

16 April – Lower Air Pollution Levels Linked To Fewer Asthma Symptoms, Respiratory Problems In Children – Medical Daily

13 April – ‘Ban all diesel vehicles from capital’s centre,’ say over half of Londoners – Evening Standard

12 April – Cleaner air in California may mean healthier kids: Study – United Press International

12 April – SoCal’s reduction in smog linked to major improvement in children’s respiratory health – USC News

12 April – Association of Changes in Air Quality With Bronchitic Symptoms in Children in California, 1993-2012 – The Journal of the American Medical Association

11 April – Even low levels of air pollution appear to affect a child’s lungs – EurekAlert!

9 April – Diesel Pollution Is Affecting Dozens of Communities. Will The EPA Act? – Huffington Post Australia

31 March – Researchers consider health risks of tiny air pollution particles – ABC News

31 March – Air pollution is costing the US more than $4 billion a year – Business Insider

29 March – Even before they start breathing, babies can be harmed by air pollution, scientists say – The Washington Post

29 March – Premature Births Linked To Air Pollution Cost More Than $4 Billion A Year – Huffington Post

30 March – How Air Pollution Affects Babies Before They’re Born – Mother Jones

28 March – Air pollution is the biggest danger to children’s health in London – Your Local Guardian

27 March – Diesel fumes poison babies in the womb – The Sunday Times

21 March – London parents see toxic air as ‘the biggest health threat to their children’ – Evening Standard

16 March – Air pollution not just bad for your lungs – Reuters

4 March – How much diesel pollution am I breathing in? – BBC News

1 March: The air could be making us fat – The New Daily

23 February: 295,000 US deaths may be prevented by 2030 with cuts to greenhouse gas – The Guardian

23 February: UK air pollution ‘linked to 40,000 early deaths a year’ – BBC News

20 February: Climate change politics is blinding us to the devastating effects of dirty air – The Guardian

16 February: More than 5 million people will die from this frightening cause – The Age

12 February: Flabber-gassed by our noxious air: can electric vehicles save us? – OECD Insights

13 February: Polluted air causes 5.5 million deaths a year new research says – BBC News

9 February: Babies exposed to air pollution in womb more likely to develop asthma: UBC study – Vancouver Metr

9 February: Air pollution exposure during pregnancy linked with asthma risk – University of British Columbia

9 February: Exposure to air pollution 30 years ago associated with increased risk of death – Imperial College London

9 February: Air pollution raises risk of death ‘for decades after exposure’ – The Guardian

9 February: People today are still dying early from high 1970s air pollution – New Scientist

31 January: Americans Are Breathing Easier and Living Longer Thanks to the Clean Air Act – Scientific American

29 January: The staggering economic cost of air pollution – The Washington Post

25 January: Diesel exhaust increases risk of rectal cancer, says Canadian study – Cantech Letter

20 January: You can’t ignore all that road noise: It could shorten your life – Los Angeles Times

17 January: Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution – The Guardian

15 January: Air pollution and traffic fumes tied to infertility risk – Reuters

13 January: Air pollution at this level for 10 more years will put a generation at risk – The Guardian

10 January: Diesel fumes ‘biggest health catastrophe since Black Death’ as London exceeds yearly air pollution levels – in eight days – Independent

5 January: Supreme Court upholds ban on sale of large diesel vehicles in Delhi – Reuters

4 January: Environmental study for $5.5b road to start in weeks – but no final route set – The Age


31 December: Sydney air pollution exceeds national standards, NSW Environmental Protection Authority report shows – Sydney Morning Herald

21 December: Wider Shepherd Bridge to deliver cyclists to safer trails – The Age

16 December: River could be dammed, high-voltage towers moved for Transurban’s toll road – The Age

15 December: States divided, doctors disappointed as National Clean Air Agreement sets air pollution thresholds – Sydney Morning Herald

15 December:  Hopes fade of tougher air pollution standards at meeting of environment ministers – Sydney Morning Herald

15 December: Ministers to sign off on Australia’s first clean-air agreement – Radio National

8 December: Port of Melbourne lease in the balance as hostile opposition demands changes – The Age

8 December: Melbourne’s west needs the Distributor, but it needs better rail too – The Age

7 December: Trucks trump tracks in Melbourne port traffic – The Age

26 November: Huge variations in surgery and mental health treatment across Australia – The Age

23 November: Bracing seaside air could carry deadly pollution from ships – The Telegraph

14 November: 3000 deaths caused by air pollution each year prompt calls for tougher standards – Sydney Morning Herald

27 October: Air pollution stunting children’s lungs, study finds – The Telegraph

21 October: War of words over Western Distributor plans – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

17 October: Focus on air quality after Volkswagen data trickery – The Saturday Paper

28 September: Don’t be fooled by Dan Andrews’ port trickery – The Age

23 September: The rise of diesel in Europe: the impact on health and pollution – The Guardian

22 September: Environment ministers hope to implement Australia’s first National Clean Air Agreement by the end of the year – Radio National

22 September: VW’s ‘dirty diesel’ cover-up taints Germany and its car industry – The Age

18 September: EPA accuses Volkswagen of cheating Clean Air Act, orders recall – MSNBC

17 September: Broad Backing for Melbourne Container Rail System – Fully Loaded

17 September: Labor puts brakes on port rail project that would take 3500 trucks off road – The Age

17 September: Air pollution causes more than 3 million premature deaths a year worldwide – The Conversation

16 September: Study: Air Pollution Kills 3.3 Million Worldwide, May Double – abc news

16 September: Particulate Matters – New research suggests even small amounts of air pollution can make you sick – OnEarth

15 September: Diesel vehicles could be banned from cities to clean up killer air pollution – Evening Standard

13 September: Air pollution is like smoking a cigarette each day, doctors warn – Sydney Morning Herald

13 September: Diesel car drivers face new restrictions in cities – The Telegraph

02 September: What Other Cities Can Learn From the Failure of London’s Low Emission Zone – Citylab

30 August: Port of Melbourne privatisation: Costly deals clogging up Melbourne’s docks – The Age

19 August: Lack of rail driving Melbourne to lose ‘number one’ container port status – Sydney Morning Herald

28 July: TasRail touts $160m in savings moving freight from road to rail – ABC news

24 July: Bad air means lower grade point averages in Texas – Environmental Health News

16 July: Diesel cars: Is it time to switch to a cleaner fuel? – BBC

15 July: Invisible killer – need for better air quality standards is urgent – Sydney Morning Herald

29 June: Air Pollution makes your brain age faster, destroying white matter like a neurotoxin – Treehugger

24 June: The Terrifying Truth About Air Pollution and Dementia – Mother Jones

20 June: All choked up: did Britain’s dirty air make me dangerously ill? – The Guardian

10 June: Pollution from ships kills thousands each year – EurActiv

4 June: Air pollution below EPA standards linked with higher death rates – Science Daily

27 May: Maribyrnong mayor calls for Napier Street rail bridge action – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

26 May: Traffic noise could increase risk of fat around midriff, says Swedish study – The Guardian

26 May: How living with loud traffic noise can make you fatter – The Age

24 May: Study finds fine particulate air pollution associated with increased risk of autism – Times Online

22 May: Push to improve trucking safety – ABC Radio

30 April: Transurban’s shock-and-awe road proposal looks compelling – The Age

30 April: New roads plan revealed: Western Distributor tunnel to link West Gate and Citylink – 3AW

27 April: Now that the East West Link is gone, let’s replace it with better transport projects for Melbourne – The Age

21 April: Four cars damaged when truck carrying vehicles hits low bridge in Melbourne’s west – ABC news

25 March: Air pollution takes a double toll on babies’ brains – Los Angeles Times

24 March: Traffic-related air pollution linked to type 1 diabetes in children – EurActiv

16 March: Exposure to diesel exhaust may exacerbate respiratory diseases – News Medical

11 March: Air regulations shown to improve our children’s health – San Bernardino Sun

8 March: Nautical or nice? Port of Melbourne privatisation and progress of plans for second port explained – The Age

4 March: LA’s environmental success story: cleaner air, healthier kids – University of Southern California News

4 March: Children’s Lung Health Improves as Air Pollution Is Reduced, Study Says – New York Times

3 March: Air Pollution Slows Cognitive Development In Children Due To Brain Inflammation – Medical Daily

15 February: GreenSpace: Save the heart by avoiding pollution – Philadelphia Inquirer

28 January: Clean diesel technology improves health – Diesel News

21 January: Distributor plan: Push to shift trucks off West Gate – The Age

9 January: Air pollution will scar health of London’s children – The Guardian

8 January: Ships, cargo trucks ‘next’ as city builds on air pollution successes – Shanghai Daily

7 January: Breathing diesel exhaust induces DNA changes, study finds – The Vancouver Sun



18 December: Autism link to air pollution raised – BBC News

18 December: Autism risk linked to particulate air pollution – Yahoo News

18 December: Fine particulate air pollution linked with increased autism risk – Harvard School of Public Health

12 December: Port of Oakland truck pollution drops 76 percent in black carbon – San Jose Mercury News

8 December: Air pollution ‘causing deadly public health crisis’ – BBC News

December: Roads To Nowhere: Road freight is expensive, dirty and dangerous. Why are our governments addicted to it? – The Monthly

2 December: France wants to phase out diesel cars – Drive

1 December: 60,000 killed annually: UK’s misjudged air pollution highlighted in upcoming report – RT News

1 December:  After killing off East West Link, Daniel Andrews plugs his West Gate Distributor to solve traffic woes in the west – The Age

4 November: Liberal and Labor put forward transport plans that they say will improve transport options for trucks and motorists in Melbourne’s west – Maribyrnong Leader

16 October: Toll Road slammed as battleground heats up – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

15 October: Maersk Line opens new container depot – Maritime Reporter and MarineNews

1 October: Air quality standards ‘increase pollution and health risks – ABC Science

27 September: Maribyrnong Council new boss to focus on trucks, liveability – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

13 September: State labor to fast track west gate roads project – The Age

7 August: The great diesel scandal: how cheap fuel is choking our cities – The Guardian

6 August: Rail links to revolutionise ‘inland port’ operators – Sydney Morning Herald

26 June: Truck survey draft released on inner west Melbourne traffic – Australasian Transport News

25 June: Inner-west truck curfews could be expanded – The Age

24 July: VicRoads boss flags changes to truck curfews – Australasian Transport News

5 June: London leads the EU in car pollution: diesel blamed – Bloomberg

4 June: Pollution linked to irregular heartbeat, lung blood clots – Science Daily

28 May: London’s dirty little secret: pollution worse than Beijing’s – Bloomberg

28 May: What kills 3,000 Australians a year? – The Guardian

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