MTAG Stories

The links below are to media stories specifically about trucks in the inner west and MTAG’s campaign.


January 23 – Older trucks dodge curfew – Big Rigs

January 13 – Government shelves rules for stricter curfew on polluting trucks – The Age


23 October – Footscray’s Napier Street Bridge hit by three trucks in a week – ABC News

13 August – How Clean is the Air you Breathe? – Radio National

29 July – Why are we building childcare centres on busy main roads? – The Age

24 July – Traffic pollution near childcare centres in Melbourne – Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

21 July – The air stinks of diesel’: Residents fear rat runs for dirty old trucks – The Age

9 July  – The local streets to be hit with new truck curfews – Herald Sun

14 May – Does Montague Street bridge have a rival? Truck hits notorious Footscray bridge – The Age

10 May – Why your Shopping bill could be going up – Herald Sun

5 May – Victorian Curfew Blitz Renews Truck Initiative Calls – Fully Loaded

21 February – Napier St Bridge, Footscray: Third truck of the year hits bridge – Herald Sun

13 February – Another truck crashes into infamous Napier St bridge, after at least seven crashes in 2018 – Herald Sun


13 December – Election win spurs Victorian pollies into action – Big Rigs

23 October – Melbourne’s ever increasing freight load – ABC News

23 October – Melbourne residents brace for more congestion and pollution, as truck numbers rise – ABC News

29 May – Study group to share views on Tunnel project’s truck traffic rise – Star Weekly

20 April – Another truck strikes notorious Napier Street bridge – Star Weekly

31 March – Why I (conditionally) support the West Gate Tunnel Project – The Westsider

13 March – Truck protest shuts down Yarraville intersection – Star Weekly

13 March – Truck Blockade – 7 News

13 March – MTAG Williamstown Rd Action – Channel 10 News

13 March – MTAG Williamstown Rd Action – ABC Radio

7 March – Greens and Liberals halt West Gate Tunnel project – Star Weekly

6 March – Peak hour protest to shut down busy Yarraville intersections – Star Weekly

6 March – Truck action group condemns Greens for plan to block West Gate Tunnel – The Age

31 January – Building starts on $6.8 billion West Gate Tunnel – The Age


28 November – Groups pledge to fight for West Gate Tunnel fix – Star Weekly

27 November – Government approves West Gate Tunnel from Yarraville to West Melbourne – The Age

27 November – Green light for $5.5 billion West Gate Tunnel toll road – Star Weekly

16 November – Sixty-three trucks found to be unroadworthy during targeted police operation Aerodyne – Herald Sun

14 November – Blitz finds majority of trucks pose risk – Star Weekly

12 November – ‘I looked at my leg and started screaming’: Teen truck victim calls for crackdown – The Age

29 October – Roads Minister labels truck drivers ‘dickheads’ for repeatedly hitting notorious Footscray bridge – ABC News

29 October – Laser beams aim to fix notorious Napier Street bridge – The Age

12 October – Napier Street bridge hit by another truck container – Star Weekly

29 August – Motorcyclist dies in Yarraville after truck crash – Herald Sun

28 August – West Gate Tunnel: Truck rat runs to be banned in Altona North and Spotswood – The Age

20 August – Rail shuttles connecting Port Melbourne to major freight hubs unveiled – Herald Sun

19 August – Port-rail shuttle back on table to remove 3500 trucks off roads – The Age

1 August – Call for ban on Napier Street trucks – Star Weekly

4 July – Contain the rage: Western suburbs group rails against empty container ‘scourge’ – The Age

26 June – Traffic chaos as Napier Bridge struck yet again – Star Weekly

6 June – ‘I can’t live like this’ – Star Weekly

30 May – Tunnel deadline fury – Star Weekly

30 May – West Gate Tunnel: Yarraville home owners want government to buy them out – The Age

29 May – Environmental effects of Transurban’s $5.5 billion tollway through west revealed – The Age

24 May – Truck crash causes long traffic delays in Footscray – The Age

2 May – Million dollar bid to cut Napier Bridge truck strikes – Star Weekly

24 April – Traffic cleared after truck hits Napier St bridge, Werribee line – Herald Sun

12 April – Scrap truck curfews, build East West Link to help us grow says Port of Melbourne – The Age

2 April -Western Distributor: Truck ban to be enforced in Melbourne’s inner west when road project opens – ABC News

2 April – Truck ban for key rat runs in Yarraville and Footscray – The Age

2 April – Trucks banned from inner west roads – Herald Sun

14 March – Latest Napier St bridge accident sparks more safety fears – Maribyrnong Leader

13 March – Cyclists pay tribute to fellow rider Arzu Baglar killed in Yarraville – ABC News

13 March – Cyclists ride in memory of Arzu Baglar, killed in Yarraville truck collision – The Age

12 March – Greens senator Janet Rice calls for urgent bike infrastructure investment following local death – The Age

11 March – Cyclist dies after being hit by a truck – Sky News

11 March – Cyclist killed after being hit by truck in Yarraville – Star Weekly

10 March – Cyclist killed in Yarraville in truck collision – The Age

9 March – MTAG call for air filtration in schools – ABC Radio

6 March – Napier Street bridge struck again, just days after new safety barriers go up – The Age

6 March – When will they learn? ANOTHER truck crashes into notorious Napier Street bridge in Melbourne – Daily Mail

6 March – Car hit as another container truck strikes Napier Street bridge – Star Weekly

6 March – Truck hits Napier St, Footscray bridge – Herald Sun

5 March – Trucks keep smashing into Napier Street bridge – The Age

21 February – Melbourne’s Most Dangerous Bridge is Getting Protective Beams – Broadsheet

20 February – Napier St rail bridge to close overnight for upgrade works – Maribyrnong Leader

16 February – ‘Stay on the freeway where you belong’ – Herald Sun

6 February – Consumers will pay more when CityLink truck tolls soar on April 1, industry warns – The Age

1 February – Cloud over $5.5b Western Distributor with Coalition, Greens set to block toll plan – The Age

29 January – Big rise in CityLink truck tolls tipped to push heavy vehicles onto local roads – The Age

25 January – Melbourne Increases Daily Cap for Trucks by 225PC – Fully Loaded

25 January – VTA critical of new CityLink charges – Prime Mover


14 December: Critics slam childcare centre plan at polluted intersection – Star Weekly

21 November: Footscray’s Napier St rail bridge needs fixing before someone dies, police say – Maribyrnong Leader

16 November: Safety works never took place on Napier Street bridge – Star Weekly

11 November: Notorious Napier St bridge in Footscray still awaiting fix as $600,000 for upgrade sits unused – Maribyrnong Leader

7 November: Traffic chaos eased in Footscray after truck hits bridge – The Age

7 November: Another truck stuck under Napier St, Footscray bridge – Herald Sun

26 October: Heavy trucks banned from West Gate Bridge – Star Weekly

26 October: Maribyrnong Truck Action Group worried bridge truck ban will affect Francis St curfews – Maribyrnong Leader

21 October: Ban on heavy trucks on the West Gate Bridge to begin November 1 – 3AW

21 October: Biggest trucks banned from ageing West Gate Bridge – The Age

18 September: Maribyrnong Council seeks earlier truck curfew and tougher fines on Francis St, Yarraville – Maribyrnong Leader

19 August: Council calls for study as fears grow over effect Western Distributor will have on truck traffic in Footscray – Maribyrnong Leader

11 August: Is the Tunnel Good for the Neighbourhood Action – TV News Compilation

11 August: Maribyrnong Truck Action Group protests trucks on suburban streets – Maribyrnong Leader

11 August: Yarraville residents block busy intersection over truck concerns – ABC Online

10 August: State Roads Minister dismisses Maribyrnong residents’ truck protests – Star Weekly

29 July: Group vows to block traffic in truck ban bid – Herald Sun

19 July: Community groups to take up fight over Western Distributor – Maribyrnong Leader

14 July: School crossing truck curfews for Yarraville’s Francis Street – Star Weekly

13 July: VicRoads extends a truck curfew onto Francis St, Yarraville, during school crossing hours – Maribyrnong Leader

12 July: VTA calls for ‘fair’ tolling on Western Distributor – Owner Driver

11 July: Announcement that the longer tunnel option has been selected for Transurban’s Western Distributor project – TV News Compilation

10 July: Government unveils how it will ease Melbourne traffic pain – Herald Sun

10 July: Western Distributor design features long tunnel – Star Weekly

10 July: Western Distributor: longer tunnel chosen for second river crossing project – The Age

27 April: Bridge limit means more trucks for inner west – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

18 April: VicRoads finds West Gate Bridge lacks strength to carry heaviest trucks – The Age

14 April: Western Distributor: Victoria goes it alone – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

13 April: Council wants trucks forced on to Distributor – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

3 February: Curfews push trucks elsewhere – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

16 January: VicRoads agrees to install cameras near school – Maribyrnong Star Weekly


20 December: Yarraville trucks linked to high asthma rate – The Age

9 December: Interview with Samantha McArthur about Western Distributor – 774 ABC

8 December: Melbourne to get new western suburbs toll road – The Age

5 December: Lobby group blames trucks for high asthma rates in Maribyrnong – Maribyrnong Leader

3 December: Maribyrnong revealed as childhood asthma hotspot – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

8 October: Backlash may force Western Distributor rethink – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

7 October: Infrastructure body looks 30 years into the future – The Age

1 October: Grand Final Day long weekend: Delays on trains, roads cause slow trip home – Herald Sun

30 September: Western Distributor: trucks could be exempt from tolls – Herald Sun

30 September: Transurban says Western Distributor plan likely to change after community uproar – The Age

28 September: Western Distributor ‘will destroy parkland’ – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

28 September: New plan for Transurban’s western suburbs toll road enrages locals – The Age

27 September: No ramps over homes in redesign of toll road linking Melbourne’s West Gate to CityLink, Transurban says – ABC News

27 September: Interview about new Western Distributor Design – 774 ABC

24 September: Council seeks ban on all non-local trucks – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

19 September: Yarraville truck ramp proposed by Transurban for Western Distributor toll road – The Age

18 September: Transurban announce new design for the Western Distributor – ABC TV

10 September: Port privitisation puts bid to cut trucks in peril – Star Weekly

29 July: Mayor fed up with bridge crashes – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

28 July: ‘Gross hypocrisy’: Labor won’t release toll road details until deal all but done – The Age

29 June: Decision on $5b freeway by December as truck curfews succeed in west – The Age

31 May: Truck lobby group calls for short term measures until West Gate distributor is built – Maribyrnong Leader

20 May: Maribyrnong City Council demands steps to safety at low Footscray rail bridge – The Age

8 May: State Goverment may ban trucks on local roads in inner west to force them onto planned new tollway – Maribyrnong Leader

1 May: Yarraville residents call for more information about impacts of proposed tunnel – ABC news

30 April: Transurban announces new tollway – channel 7, 9 and 2

30 April: Western suburbs residents hope new river crossing will ease commuting woes – Sydney Morning Herald

30 April: The Western Distributor: $5 billion new freeway proposed – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

30 April: Yarraville residents call for more information about impacts of proposed tunnel – ABC News

13 April: Maribyrnong Truck Action Group calls for consistency with curfews around schools – Maribyrnong Leader

27 February: A Long Time in Anyone’s Book – The Westsider

24 February: Maribyrnong Truck Action Group joins calls for toll relief – 3AW

24 February: Truck traffic tipped to rise on local streets as CityLink says no to free ride over Bolte Bridge – The Age

12 February: Anderson seeks community links to support VTA agenda – Australasian Transport News

4 February: Yarraville, Footscray truck bans ease roar nerves – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

2 February: Truck curfews introduced and operating in Footscray and Yarraville – Maribyrnong Leader

30 January: Maribyrnong Action Group Welcomes New Truck Curfews – Fully Loaded

25 January: Homes could go to make way for Labor’s truck plan – The Age


26 December: Labor’s West Gate Bridge Distributor project comes under fire – 3AW

21 November: Maribyrnong Mayor Nam Quach calls on VicRoads to prevent truck crashes at Napier St bridge in Footscray – Maribyrnong Leader

19 November: Napier Street bridge a ‘time bomb’, says mayor – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

18 November: Mobil applying for permission to build pipeline from Yarraville through Spotswood and Newport to carry fuel – Maribyrnong Leader

14 November: Truck crashes into Napier Street bridge – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

10 November: MTAG interviewed on the Grapevine on RRR – RRR Radio

15 October: Yarraville: Somerville Road truck curfew a ‘good start’ – Maribrynong Star Weekly

9 October: Truck curfew wins on Moore Street and Somerville Road – Maribrynong Star Weekly

8 October: New Truck Curfews for the West – The Age

8 October: Further truck restrictions announced for Melbourne inner west – Australasian Transport News

9 July: MTAG would welcome more night time curfews – Maribyrrnong Leader

2 July: Yarraville residents call for more truck curfews – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

9 April: Moore Street sleepout staged to put truck issue to bed – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

14 May: Yarraville truck surge on Somerville Road shocks parents – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

20 March: MTAG protest slated for April 2 – Australasian Transport News

19 March: Moore St Footscray residents to stage sleeping bag protest – Maribyrnong Leader

3 January: Port of Melbourne calls for changes to east-west link plans – The Age



16 November: Blockade targets trucks’ diesel emissions – Greenleft Weekly

13 November: Yarraville truck protest brings Somerville Road to standstill – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

12 November: Gallery: Yarraville truck protest – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

12 November: Kids and Trucks Don’t Mix – TV News reports

12 November: Kingsville parents stop traffic outside primary school in truck protest – ABC Melbourne

6 November: Truck action group to blockade busy Yarraville road – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

2 November: Suburban air pollution from trucks a national failure – Green Left Weekly

7 August: VicRoads amends definition to deny truck access – Australasian Transport News

31 July: Truck curfews to provide relief to residents, MTAG says – Australasian Transport News

18 June: Enormous B-Triple trucks may soon be on Yarraville Streets – Maribyrnong Leader

25 May: The west cannot keep on trucking – The Age

21 May: Push to ban trucks on Somerville Road during school crossing times – Maribyrnong Leader

1 April: MTAG vows to keep blockading streets – Maribyrnong Leader

19 March: Shepherd’s Bridge Blockade – Channel 10, 9,7,2 TV News Compilation

19 March: Shepherd’s Bridge Protest – Maribyrnong Leader



21 November: Melbourne truck blockade – Freight & Trade Alliance News

14 November: Protest over trucks to block bridge – The Age

13 November: MP Demands action on inner-west truck jam – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

9 October: Yarraville action group rejects EPA ‘spin’ – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

25 September: Truck curfew no help to sleepy inner west residents – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

13 August: Truck battle: Footscray, Yarraville locals raise mighty racket against rat runners – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

7 August: Curfew drives Yarraville trucks elsewhere – Maribyrnong Star Weekly

14 May: Residents rage over truck traffic – The Age

22 November: Small trucks highlight a big issue for residents – The Age

14 June: Diesel and cancer links sparks call – The Age



18 September: Ted Baillieu under pressure to ramp up truck action – HearldSun

18 September: Westgate Ramps Coalition Rally: Channel 7 News

6 July: Locals make a noise over buck-passing on trucks – The Age

8 June: Diesel poison leaves inner west fuming – The Age



22 October: Road funds to shift big trucks of ‘little help’ – The Age

15 April: Rudd ‘must deny’ WestLink funds – The Age



29 October: MTAG Health Forum – ABC TV News   Channel 7 TV  News

12 April: MTAG protest march – Channel 9 News

21 February: Truck demonstration costs $3m – HeraldSun

20 February: Melbourne blockade to spark traffic jams – The Age

20 February: Residents block Maribyrnong truck route – HeraldSun



October: Community Health Forum at Maribyrnong Town Hall – ABC TV News

12 April: MTAG’s first protest action – ABC TV News