Who we are

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MTAG is a community lobby group advocating for a reduction in the number of trucks on residential streets in Melbourne’s inner west.We want trucks to go on roads built for trucks and for Government to work with the community to make it happen.

MTAG is a non-political, unfunded group of residents, including parents, professionals, tradespeople and retirees. Our common interest is a desire to improve the quality of life for our community.

We are NOT anti-truck. We do not object to trucks using local streets to deliver to businesses or supermarkets, or moving vans that people use when moving house – that would be silly. Our issue relates to the volume of port traffic taking shortcuts through our residential streets.

Getting port trucks off residential streets is the logical next step for this burgeoning part of Melbourne: a mere 6km from the CBD, full of beautiful parks and gardens, and home to a vibrant multi-cultural community.

It’s inevitable that the trucks will be moved off residential streets. Everyone – Government, Opposition, The Greens, VicRoads, EPA, Maribyrnong City Council, Department of Health, and the freight industry – agrees that something has to be done, so why not do it now? Every time Government delays the inevitable, they increase the economic and health costs.




Since we began, MTAG has made submissions, written letters and had countless meetings with a range of government agencies, such as VicRoads, EPA, Department of Transport, local government, State government Ministers and Shadow Ministers. We have run a community health forum at the Town Hall, and followed this up with our own independent health study that brought to light the magnitude of respiratory problems being experienced by residents in the area.

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However, we’re probably best known for blockading roads – something we have done on several occasions. Believe it or not, we don’t get that much pleasure from blocking roads. We would prefer to work with those in power towards a solution that is good for residents, good for the transport industry and the good for the port. Unfortunately we have found protests to be one of the most effective cards we can play in terms of getting media interest for our issue, and for making politicians stop and listen.

We’re not radicals, we’re just residents who demand that the government take seriously their statutory responsibility to protect citizens’ health and safety. MTAG will continue to raise awareness, build support and lobby Government until something is done. We say enough is enough. We want clean air, we want our streets back.

Watch a mini doco to learn more about MTAG’s ten year campaign here.

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