The following represents the aims of MTAG and opinions of the current members.

Short term:

Extension of curfews on Francis St and Somerville Rd in Yarraville to force through truck traffic to use the Westgate and City Link at all times except for peak hours (weekdays 8-10AM 4-6PM)
Bans on heavy through traffic on Barkly Street, Nicholson St, Irving St and Droop St Footscray
Installation of speed cameras on Dempster St Brooklyn to enforce new 50 Kph speed limit
Review of definition of ‘local traffic’ in regard to curfews and no truck streets and better enforcement
Study into origins and destinations of all heavy vehicle traffic through Maribyrnong
Medium term:

The State Government and VicRoads to enter into discussions for major freight targeted road and rail infrastructure projects that address the problems of excessive numbers of trucks using Francis St and Somerville Rd in Yarraville.VicRoads to commit to a study to address Dempster St and Sredna St (Brooklyn) truck traffic
The creation of better amenity on roads with residential properties which will have continue to support some freight movements such as Whitehall St and Moore St.

Longer term:

Removal of container parks in Tottenham and Yarraville and 24 hour ban on through trucks on Francis St and Somerville Road
Real time tracking via GIS of all freight movement in metro Melbourne to ensure usage of appropriate routes
MTAG intends to put pressure on government by harnessing community concern and raising the profile of the issues:

Through public discussion
Through protest action
By lobbying government, VicRoads, and council
Through research and collation of relevant information
By linking with other similar groups facing issues pertaining to truck traffic and pollution around the world
Through the dissemination of information via pamphlets, posters and website