World Health Organisation declares “diesel exhaust causes lung cancer”

June 13, 2012 1 Comment

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared that diesel exhaust causes lung cancer. Back in 1988 they had said that diesel exhaust was a “probable carcinogenic”.

In their new report they say:

“The scientific evidence was compelling and the working group’s conclusion was unanimous: Diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in humans,” Christopher Portier, chairman of the IARC working group, said in the statement. “Given the additional health impacts from diesel particulates, exposure to this mixture of chemicals should be reduced worldwide.”

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1 response to "World Health Organisation declares "diesel exhaust causes lung cancer""

  • Mike says: (Edit)

    If smoking causes lung cancer and diesel exhaust causes lung cancer, then it stands to reason that there should be consistency in the regulation of advertising and sale of diesel fuel products. I would expect that now governments must ban the advertising of diesel brands. There should be huge health warnings displayed on the sides of tanker trucks and at filling stations. The oil companies should be required to phase out the production of diesel over the next 5 years. After which it should be illegal to sell diesel fuel. The operation of diesel powered vehicles should be banned from suburban streets with immediate effect. Its time for change. It is abundantly clear that the "nice guy" strategy has not and will not produce the necessary responses from government. If the government won't serve the people, then we have a democratic right to take action to protect ourselves. Affirmative action is long overdue. We should setup barricades to restrict the entry of diesel powered vehicles into our suburbs. I've thrown a lot of things into the air here to let off steam, but I think there is merit in considering an alternative strategy. If the government wont build the ramps, then we need to ramp up the campaign. NO RAMPS? - RAMP IT UP!