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June 14, 2013 6 Comments

B Triple truck

BIGGER trucks to rumble down residential streets in Yarraville? No way!


Do you think Francis Street in Yarraville can safely accommodate trucks that are 36.5 metre long (8 Toyota Corollas or 20 bicycles) and weigh 68.5 tonnes?

We understand that the freight industry has made an application to State Government to allow 36 ½ metre long B-triple High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) and 30 metre long B-double HPFVs on Williamstown Road, Francis Street and Whitehall Street in Yarraville.

Francis Street between Williamstown Road and Hyde Street is an undivided suburban road, fronted almost exclusively by around 200 houses and apartments, as well as a park, golf course, and a community centre with a child care facility. In this short section of road, vehicles must travel through four sets of traffic lights.

The road is currently used by a mix of cars, cyclists, and pedestrians, as well as by trucks. This includes a large number of children on their way to and from school and childcare. ? Residents are already worried about trucks not stopping at lights and fear for the safety of children. Allowing even larger trucks on this narrow street would further threaten the safety of the residents, road users and pedestrians. ?The infrastructure of Francis St is currently severely impacted by the number of heavy vehicles. Allowing even heavier trucks would further weaken the already crumbling infrastructure.

Francis St is NOT a suitable road for trucks, much less HPFVs.

These trucks belong on FREEWAYS!

This is what a B Tiple looks like: watch the video


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6 responses to "Stop Massive B Triple Trucks - SIGN THE PETITION"

  • Horst (Oz) Kayak says: (Edit)

    201306140815 There is a need to quantify serious issues, such as the negative health impact from existing truck movements along the proposed "tunnel" route. The health impact of 6,000 to 10,000 daily commercial vehicles movements serving origins and destinations outside the municipalities of Melbourne, Maribyrnong and Yarra but through their residential areas needs addressing in any integrated transport infrastructure investment to benefit most people in the Melbourne urban region.

  • Peter says: (Edit)

    You're right Oz... do you know if any such research is planned? The long term plan should be to get more freight on rail, not to build ever bigger roads

  • Horst (Oz) Kayak says: (Edit)

    Yes Peter, quantified research into available and politically acceptable transport mode and route choice investment options that will benefit the health and wellbeing of the majority of the Melbourne urban population is required. The question is: Is there a champion to lead this research?

  • Martin says: (Edit)

    Unfortunately politics always plays such a big and ugly part in Australian infrastructure decisions. Any educated and informed person would have to agree with Rod Eddington's study that found the inner west desperately needs a truck bypass. In fact the Eddington report said a truck bypass was the first piece of infrastructure that needed to be built in the west. However there is not too many votes to be 'bought' by building infrastructure in a safe Labor seat. The Coalition is instead building an East-East freeway link that wont remove one truck off one street in the west. Oh to be living in a marginal seat and to be pork barreled just like Port Melbourne with their truck bypass or Kilmore with their about to be built bypass.

  • Paul says: (Edit)

    I know you guys have been fighting hard for the ramps but answer me this: have you done any modelling on the volume of traffic the off-ramps would funnel from the WestGate through WhiteHall / Hyde and into the city / North Melbourne? I'd really like to see your projections on the increases in traffic. I support you in finding alternatives for the trucks but have always questioned the volume of traffic and bottlenecks this would cause as loads more traffic floods the West from the off-ramps and use the suburb as a short cut to Dynon Road / Footcray Road to access the north end of the city.

  • Peter says: (Edit)

    We have always lobbied for it to be truck only and that's what Infrastructure Australia wants it to be too. Cars won't be disadvantaged in that they would still be able to get off at Williamstown Rd as they do now, and choose from a number of routes.