2014 Victorian State Election – truck policy overview

October 19, 2014 1 Comment

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Victorian State Election – where do parties stand on the truck issue?

With a state election just weeks away, it’s time to focus on transport policies and find out just what the major parties are saying about the truck issue in the inner west.MTAG has surveyed the major parties to identify what their commitment and policies are to address the truck issues. We have also asked them to provide a statement on their policies.

Please click on links below for each major party’s transport policies

Liberal Victoria

Victorian Labor

Victorian Greens


Truck policy score card:


        Initiative The Greens Labor Party Liberal Party
  • Supports a truck bypass road with on/off ramps from West Gate Freeway
  • Supports construction of the East West Freeway
  • Is willing to have high level meetings with MTAG
  • Policies acknowledge the impact of trucks on human health
  • Supports interim truck bans in the inner West until infrastructure is built
  • Policies include freight on rail targets
  • Supports last mile access on local roads for B triple trucks
  • Supports building Bay West Port in Port Phillip Bay as a future container terminal
  • Supports development of Hastings Port as a future container terminal
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1 response to "2014 Victorian State Election - truck policy overview"

  • Mike says: (Edit)

    Good job! In summary, if you live in the inner west and you are concerned about your health, environment and property value (as well as the that of your neighbours) then their is only one logical conclusion to be drawn from the three party's policy statements: VOTE GREEN. I have never voted green in my life before (i've always been a rusted on Liberal voter) but it is clear that I have no option now other than to vote for the party that purports to care about my family. Given, that Maribyrnong has historically had a high proportion of rusted on Labour 'donkey' voters, can we all put in an effort to encourage both liberal and labour supports to vote with their hearts and their heads this time? After all if I can change at the age of 67 then surely anyone can change. For older voters like myself, voting Green now, may extend my life by another 5 years! Think about it!